July 23, 2024
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See and Smile With Confidence!
Have you heard the news? 
TRS-Care will start offering two new, optional plans for TRS retirees – TRS-Care Dental and TRS-Care Vision!
MetLife will administer each plan. However, they’re two separate plans — you can enroll in just dental, just vision, or choose both!
TRS-Care Dental will offer: 
  🦷 Extensive provider network: over 133,000 licensed dentists 
  🦷 Flexibility to see any dentist: flexibility to visit providers in or out-of-network
  🦷 Cost savings: preventive care covered at 100% and discounts up to 35-50%
TRS-Care Vision will offer:   

👓 Extensive retail network: 167,000 in-network providers and retailers   
👓 See any eye care provider: thousands of options, in or out-of-network   
👓 Low out-of-pocket costs: save on benefits ranging from frames to exams
Enrollment will be Oct. 1, 2024 through Dec. 7, 2024, and coverage starts Jan. 1, 2025.