July 24, 2024
glass of red wineFrom Missionaries to Visionaries: The Historical Story of Texas Wines
Join us and hear the story of Texas wines that come with a great historical legacy and pioneering spirit founded by visionary people in the true Texas tradition.
Presenter: Dr. Russell Kane aka “Doc Russ Texas Wineslinger,” an award-winning Texas writer, author and wine aficionado.
Event Date: July 25
Book coverJuneteenth Rodeo: A Celebration of 1970s Black Western Culture
Long before Americans began to officially commemorate Juneteenth, in the heat of East Texas, saddles were being cinched, buckles shined, and lassoes adjusted for a day on the Black rodeo circuit in honor of the holiday.
Presenter: Sarah Bird, the bestselling author of more than a dozen novels and essay collections. 
Event Date: August 8